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We have searched the mountains of Costa Rica and located skilled artisans who produce unique, handcrafted furnishings.  These unique, exotic home furnishings are now available to YOU, direct from the tropical mountains of Costa Rica!

These furnishing are exceptionally well made and designed to provide years of service, as well as add beauty and functionality to one's own household decor. 

All of these exotic products have been crafted of the finest Costa Rican selected hard and semi-hard wood.  This wood has been harvested from commercial forestry ventures and has not been taken from protected rainforests.

The highest quality, Costa Rican saddle-grade leather is used in the manufacture ofFolded_Chair.jpg (35784 bytes) all components for our unique folding leather chairs.  We also offer the chairs in a choice of two colors, "Saddlebag Brown" or "Volcanic Black", to complement one's own personal household decor.  All "Saddlebag Brown" leather components are offered in PLAIN, REGULAR, or DELUXE tooling at no additional cost.

Coabilla and Melina are very strong and good quality woods native to Costa Rica.  They are used in all  wooden chair components.  Coabilla and Melina have been  chosen for their strength and appearance.  They are stained and varnished to provide an attractive, durable finish.

Medium_Chair_Regular_Tool_Stationary.jpg (45956 bytes)Our chairs are available in either rocker, or stationary models....and of course, all have the popular ability to be folded for easy storage when not in use.

Chair sizes can be provided in an adult high-back or medium-back model.  This includes both the rocking or stationary style chair.  Children's rockers are available with all of the same high quality features as the adult models.

Our wooden chests have been hand-carved from Cedro Amargo, a very attractive native hardwood of Costa Rica.  Each carving is as unique as one's own fingerprint.  No two carvings are alike!  Chests are offered in several sizes---and custom models are available.

Our beautiful, hand-carved, wooden tables are also Table_Quarter_View.jpg (18240 bytes) crafted of Cedro Amargo.  Each carving is unique and depicts a typical country village, native to the mountains  of Costa Rica.  These tables will add warmth and richness to any home decor.

Please visit our product catalogs for more information on our fine tropical crafts.

  WELCOME to our Tropical Boutique!

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